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Dear football (soccer) fan, welcome to Shingo, "THE" soccer app for Android, You won't find nothing similar around...guaranteed.
Shingo is a  multi purpose tool for referees, soccer coaches and players to be used on and off the game field. Shingo can record and keep track of the activities of soccer referees, players, teams and coaches. Soccer matches are handled  as well, match events can be tracked by the referee  and  saved once the match is finished. At the end of the match, the event will be saved,  statistics will be updated accordingly and a web report containing the match details and full chronicle will be generated ready to be published on the web, available for yours fans, supporters or for internal use (team website, tournament pages etc.). Through Shingo you can handle your soccer team, players, coaches and track your matches as a referee or coach as well.
It can be used by referees, soccer players or just to have fun while playing soccer with friends.
From the beginning to the end of the match Shingo keeps track of what’s going on on the field.
With Shingo you can add and edit an unlimited number of: referees, coaches, teams and players.
For every single items it's possible to enter basic info (name, picture, country) and additional info (birth date, city, foundation year, website, description etc.).
Each team has its own coach and players, each payer can be assigned to a role and position within a specific team. A number can be assigned to each player as well.
Design your team's shirt with the suit editor, choose your jersey and pants' style and colors.

The Ideal Soccer Companion


Team Editor, Players Editor, Coaches Editor, Referees Editor, Suit Editor
Customize names, countries, player positions and numbers, photos, website and more.

Setup your match

Half Time duration, Extra Time duration, Possibility to define after draw policy (Extra times, penalty kicks etc.), Vibrating alert when time is running out, Hands free automatic mode, with automatic whistle and stopwatch, Blue Cards options

Let's Play !!!

Digital stppwatch: play time, effective time, time to go, Analog watch, Team events log, Possibility to pause the game to determine the effective play time at the end of the half, Multi purpose whistle, Toss a coin, Referee Notes, Event tracking: penalties, free kicks, corners, red/yellow cards, goals,substitutions, offsides, Red Card / Yellow Card / Blue Card function with big on display red/yellow/blue card, Free Kick, Penalty, Substitution, Offside functions, Goal, with the possibility to take a picture for celebrating the scorer and playing stadium celebration noise, Team history function to have a summary of the main events for a given team, includes event filtering.

Reporting, Statistics and Sharing

Match is saved, statistics are updated for players referees coaches teams, a detailed match report is generate ready to be published and shared. Publishing features allows to publish the report on line (on our server for FREE), share it via Email and Social Media, your friends can add comments directly on the report.


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