Privacy Terms for the Spelling Bee Ninja Website, Spelling Bee Ninja Software and Mai Spelling Bee Search Engine

This privacy terms document apply for all Mobile Apps , Web sites and applications released by and others.

Published Data

When you use our software, websites and smart phone apps you decide what data to share by publishing your photos, and comments.


The Contents you share could be made visible through our websites and apps to other users when using functions like Publish and Share and such contents, when public, could (and probably will) be indexed by search engines spiders.

Email Address

We could use your email address to send you information about our product or occasionally newsletters. We are not going to disclose your email address to any third party.


This websites uses cookies to run properly, cookies are used to customize user experience and allow the creation of users profiles.

Personal Information

To us, everyone’s privacy is sacred. So we don’t trade your profile data, messages and posts. We just keep them to allow you to use our services and as they are not necessary anymore we just physically delete them.

Content responsibility

You as the user are responsible for the published contents, uploading illegal contents or contents related to racism, violence and more in general anything that could be offensive for a single or a group of people will be removed, please report any abuse at

We reserve the right to delete contents we do not consider appropriate at any moment without any previous authorization.

Contents Ownership

You as the user are directly responsible for the contents uploaded (in particular for what concerns ownership, copyrights etc.etc.)


Contact us at admin at if you find contents you own that have been published without your authorization by opening a support ticket on this website.

Information removal

If for some reason you are not able to unpublish a some contents and want it to be removed contact us for removal by opening a support ticket on this website.